• changes red to a cute pinkish color
  • can be used on any picture but
  • works best on pictures that include red
  • like/reblog if downloading

it says psd 10 when it should say 11 oops


PSD #7


black and white option
optional layer

Please like and/or reblog if you are going to download this psd. I really love this one a lot. Works best on red carpet appearances but also perfectly fine on any other candid.

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Do not steal or claim as your own.

No need to credit me unless someone asks you directly about that psd



  • specially made for best song ever screencaps
  • but works on other pictures too 
  • contains optional gradient map layer
  • dont claim as your own
  • like/reblog if download


  • looks best on darker pictures
  • can be used on any picture
  • dont claim as your own
  • like/reblog if download